To make dreams, one must have been born from one.

Prady came to be as a result of a project Juan Cremades, the current manager, had when he saw how his father´s small company was born.

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Private label

We manufacture for others, adapting to each of their needs in terms of: aroma, fixing, brand, packaging design, etc.

We specialize in finding the right fragrance for each customer or company.

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We are present in Spain and we have offices in all regional.

Delegates from each of the Regions: Andalucía, Extremadura, Murcia, Castilla la Mancha, Comunidad Valenciana, ...

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Export department

Prady´s guiding star is the commitment we have to our clients. This has transcended in progress and growth.

This growth is due to our pledge to meet the needs of more than 500 clients on four continents.

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Laboratorios Prady has a highly consolidated team comprised of 40 individuals whose average age is 30.

They are well-trained experts who use a fair and honest remuneration system that rewards credit, productivity and participation. This system is not horizontal but circular in such a way that everything is interlinked.

Ecological Awareness

Prady works on all fronts to give nature back all the benefits that it has given. In addition to complying with ISO 14001 Environmental Management norms, Prady produces clean energy through its own photovoltaic plant; it manages waste and recycling thoroughly (affiliated with ECOEMBES, SGR and cardboard and glass Recycling Green Points) in such a way that not only does Prady not pollute but it actually improves the environment in the surrounding area.

Social Balance

Our economic balance is sound and proportional. However, we do not stop there. We try to give back to the community a part of what we have been given.

Prady Laboratories earmarks more than 3% of its profits to NGOs such as ASPAPROS, CEOM, ASTRAPACE, ASSIDO, which are occupational centers for the disabled.

Social balance is very important for Prady.